The Effect of the Ahlullah’s Company

Take the case of the People of the Cave (Ashaab-e-Kahf) who were induced with sleep for a period of three hundred years during which Allah Ta’ala kept them alive and immersed in deep sleep. To escape the oppression of a tyrannical king they took refuge in a cave to which a dog happened to follow them. These People of the Cave (Ashaab-e-Kahf) threw stones at it, but it persisted in following them. They addressed it thus, “O, abominable cur, where are you following us, it is not even permissible to rear you.” It is stated in Rooh ul Ma’aani that the dog was endowed with the power of speech by Allah Ta’ala. It replied to them, “Verily, I am a dog, but do not consider me to be the same as other dogs, I will protect you.” Allamah Alusi states that the dog was named Qitmeer and that through the blessings of these Auliya Allah, these saints, it too will enter Jannah. He goes on to invite our attention to the fact that through the blessings of the pious, the accepted servants of Allah even a dog whose saliva is as foul and impure as urine becomes accepted, it will be purified by Allah Ta’ala and sent to Jannah. It is unfortunate that some immature, some immensely childish individuals, on the basis of their pride look disdainfully down upon and say that nothing is to be gained from the company of the Auliya Allah. All one needs to do is, consider the case of the Ashaab-e-Kahf. It is after all, the Quraan-e-Kareem that is enunciating this message that is conveying this immutable fact which has been presented before you, that a dog will be entering Jannah on the basis of its companionship with the accepted servants of Allah. Allah Ta’ala is telling us that these men were His Auliya. Considering the fact that they were to sleep for a few centuries, the question arises, who will cause them to turn from side to side?


“We ourselves, by virtue and by means of our mercy caused them to turn from right to left.”


Just as a mother’s love demands that she turns her child from side to side so that the child does not develop bedsores. Consider the extreme Mercy of Allah Ta’ala! Those who, for fear of people do not desist from the disobedience of Allah, who reason that if they were to keep beards, if they were to abstain from participating in all customary functions relative to marriage, who will they socialize with, who will bother to ask them the time of day. They conclude that they will be socially ostracized, be forced to live in isolation. I tell you that that which occurred to the Ashaab-e-Kahf will happen to them. Allah Ta’ala will protect them. He does not consign His friends to the care of others wherein they will not be cared for. Aah! If only we can realize how much Allah Ta’ala does care for His friends, how much He lauds them, how much respect and honor He blesses them with both in the world and the hereafter.

Patience and the Position of the Siddiqeen; pgs.12-13

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