Guarding Your Tongue

Why is it so important for a person to guard his or her tongue?  The tongue is the part of a human that decides whether he or she will dwell in paradise or in the hellfire for eternity.  There is a hadeeth in Saheeh Muslim regarding this topic that states the following, “He who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak well or he should remain quiet.”

When we speak without thinking, which is often times the case; we go on speaking nonsense, or say something hurtful to others.  This leads to backbiting and slandering.  This is just a way to incur sins and lose out on our own good deeds.

We all know that we are responsible for whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we see, whatever we listen to, wherever we go, and for whatever we write.  On the Day of Judgment everyone will be questioned regarding the above mentioned things and much more.  On that day, our own limbs will bear witness against us.  Allah says in Surah An-Noor, “On that day, their tongues, hands, and legs will testify against them regarding their actions.”

My fellow brothers and sisters, are the few moments of pleasure we attain through backbiting worth going to hell for? In the end, would it matter what so and so did and what so and so said? Would these few moments of “sweet revenge” actually be worth it?

Let us learn to think twice before we even utter a single word.  Let us start to use our tongue for something that will be beneficial to us and more importantly be pleasing to Allah. Let us all try to help ourselves to guard our tongues from saying anything remotely evil.

As we all know that our actions are based on our intention.  Allah knows what everyone’s intention is.  He knows whether you plan to do good or evil.  Anyone can appear to be good, but it is that which is in the heart that truly counts.  Remember that Allah knows very well that which we conceal in our hearts.

Thus the heart is the place from where all actions stem; whether good or evil.  If the heart is good then the actions will be good, and if the heart is corrupt then the actions will be bad.  The heart is what Allah examines the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “Allah does not look at your bodies nor your wealth, but rather He looks at your heart and deeds.”

Now let us scan our own hearts and ourselves, and change ourselves before they are scanned for us.  Let us repent to for our sins.  Let us pray that Allah forgives us all.  Aameen!

– A Student 

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