Nurturing the Lovers of Allah


It has been an established principle for the seekers who tread the path to Allah that they inform their spiritual guide of their spiritual conditions and implement the advices they are given. In the path to Allah, this is an extremely essential right of the spiritual mentor, a means of reformation for seekers, and the adopted method of the friends of Allah.


مستند رستے وہی مانے گئے

جن سے ہو کر تیرے دیوانے گئے


Only those paths have been accepted as authentic

Upon which your lovers have tread.

Khwajah Sahib (RA) has mentioned:


چار شرطیں لازمی ہیں استفادہ کے لئے

اطلاع و اتباع و اعتقاد و انقیاد


Four conditions are necessary to attain complete benefit:

Informing, obedience, reliance and compliance

Someone once asked my beloved spiritual guide, Hazrat Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (DB), “What is the difference between obedience (اتباع) and compliance (انقیاد)?” So my Shaykh (DB) replied, “Obedience (اتباع) is to obey and commit externally, where a person implements every order of the shaykh. He imposes every advice of the shaykh upon himself. Whereas compliance (انقیاد ) is to obey and commit inwardly and submit, place trust in, and rely upon, and whole-heartedly accept from one’s heart, mind and soul the prescriptions and advices of the shaykh, and give no room whatsoever to one’s own opinions and views.

In the recent past, Hazrat Hakeem ul-Ummah, Mujaddid ul-Millah, Mawlana Shah Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)’s students would write letters of reformation and Hazrat Thanwi (RA)’s replies were recorded and published and titled as Tarbiyat us-Saalik. This compilation is incomparable in its nature and people are deriving benefit from it to this day.

In the recent times, our beloved shaykh has taken on this responsibility. Hazrat (DB) has given replies and remedies to every spiritual disease and in particular the epidemic of our times; lustful glances and infatuations and its’ evil effects. Hazrat (DB) has given such rare pearls of wisdom regarding this destructful disease which are not to be found and are unprecedented in the history of Tasawwuf. The reason behind this is that this problem was not as widespread before as it is now. The work being taken from Hazrat in this field is without doubt the work that Allah takes from a reviver of the century. The reason being, that the concept of lowering the gaze has been so overlooked that people do not even consider lustful glances to be a sin anymore. Hazrat has taken this task upon himself to alert and inform the Ummah of its harms. It is for this very reason that senior scholars acknowledge that Hazrat is the reviver of guarding the gaze and the reviver of tasawwuf for this century. This statement is not yours or mine, but I have heard this from senior scholars of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, England, South Africa and many others. Hazrat (DB)’s own achievements prove that he is the reviver of the 15th century. Also, the depth and detail by which Hazrat has explained the tricks and treacherous tactics of the nafs in regards to illicit infatuations and lustful glances and its cures and remedies, is not even found in the works of our pious predecessors because this is the epidemic of our times. Allah has, is, and Insha Allah will continue to benefit the Ummah through Hazrat (DB)’s work in this field. May Allah prolong Hazrat (DB)’s shadow of benefit over us continue his blessing till the Day of Judgment. Aameen!

The divinely inspired treatments that Hazrat (DB) has prescribed to many regarding the above mentioned disease, if compiled, it is hoped that it will prove beneficial as a guide for those to come. For this reason, in the monthly Al-Abrar, this has continued under the heading; Nurturing the Lovers of Allah, which is still continuing.

We request those who are connected to Hazrat (DB) that these types of letters be copied and sent to the Khanqah. Confidentiality shall definitely be maintained.

The book which can be downloaded from the Khanqah’s website ( is a published version of what has been gathered from Al-Abrar with the same name. I pray that Allah accept this work from the compilers, and anyone who has contributed in any way, shape or form. Aameen!

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One Comment on “Nurturing the Lovers of Allah”

  1. True Life Says:

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

    reading so much great stuff about our Shuyukh makes me want to finally make bay’ah to one. Please make Du’a for me.

    Was Salam

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