A Different Kind of Indulgence

The nafs of a human being is only concerned with attaining pleasure and enjoyment.  The nourishment of the nafs is pleasure and enjoyment, but there is no specific form of pleasure and enjoyment that the nafs requires.  It will not discriminate between this type of enjoyment and that type of enjoyment.  It merely wants pleasure and enjoyment period.  We have made the nafs addicted to evil enjoyments and pleasures, hence it fiends for these types of pleasures.  Get it addicted just once to the obedience of Allah and the worship of Allah.  There is nothing that matches up to Allah and so there is nothing that matches up to the pleasure derived from the worship and remembrance of Allah.  Once the nafs becomes addicted to this type of pleasure and enjoyment, insha Allah, it will never go back to evil enjoyment.

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6 Comments on “A Different Kind of Indulgence”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi Says:


  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

  3. Nabeel Khan Says:

    In the case where I don’t cite a reference, it is because there is no reference and the post is something that would be my own thoughts. My name normally shows up, so it would be assumed that it is from me. In any case, please remember me in your dua’s.

  4. Abu Yahya Says:

    JazakALlahu khairan…No audacity at all. May Allah Ta`ala bless you in your knowledge and allow us to benefit from you. It is important to mention who the author of the words are so that we may know who to make du`a for when we benefit from their words.

    All of our thoughts are the reflection of the fuyoozat and spiritual blessings of our mashayikh anyways.

    BarakAllah feek

  5. Nabeel Khan Says:

    I apologize for the audacity, but there is no reference…It sort of hit me one day at school and I thought to post my personal thoughts. So it is not the malfooz of any of our akaabir.

  6. Abu Yahya Says:

    MashAllah, very nice post. Can you please cite the reference of whose malfooz this is?

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