It’s not what you do, but why you do what you do…This is one of the main principles of our tareeqah. Some people gauge themselves based on the quantity of their deeds, but we are told to gauge ourselves based on the quality of our deeds. We don’t enter paradise due to our deeds. Life is based on Allah, not on what we do. The basis of our deeds is Allah, not norms of society. The deception of life is when we decide what to do with our Deen. Servitude is doing what Allah wants from us, not deciding ourselves when to do what.

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2 Comments on “Why?”

  1. abdullah Says:

    why the people use the websites and what they want to tell with this i don’t no what is their aim
    i request to my brother any good knowledge of murakabah please send the practice of good murakabah tips or theory and the ways
    thanking u

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