Harshness or Kindness?

Another point to bear in mind is the rights of one from whom one has acquired Deen. Do not, till the end of one’s life dash his rights to the ground. There are some who after having acquired Deen display independence, in that they no longer maintain contact with the teacher. Some disappear for a month or two, others for much longer, even to the extent of years. Remember to fulfill the rights till the end of life of one from whom one has learned even a single letter. Hazrat Ali (RA ) states, “One who has taught me a single letter has enslaved me.” Immaterial of the circumstances that prevail, even though one’s teacher, one’s spiritual guide scolds and reprimands one, never bear malice in one’s heart towards them. If at times they are harsh with one, do not bear enmity against them. Consider their reprimands, their scolding as being part of one’s treasure in the quest for Allah’s love. If, for one’s reformation one is scolded by a Godly person, consider it to be an investment in the account of love for Allah which He will definitely record. That love which is for the sake of Allah is true love.

A Happily Married Life

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