Excuses for Allah

If we examine our lives, most of us will realize that we have nothing to present in the court of Allah. We find that Allah has more than enough reasons to punish us based on our actions, but we do not find anything to indicate to us that Allah can use as an excuse to forgive us. We have heard from our elders that the Faraa’idh are must and mandatory. The completion of the faraa’idh are the waajibaat. The completion of the waajibaat are the sunnahs. The completion of the sunnahs are the aadaab. Adab is an ‘uzr (excuse) for Allah to forgive us. By fulfilling the aadaab, we hopefully, Insha Allah, can give Allah and excuse to forgive us for the shortcomings we bring into our other actions. It is important to understand that we learn these aadaab from the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alayhi Wa Sallam), the Sahabah, and the othe pious predecessors etc. So these aadaab are not baseless, but they have their roots deeply rooted within our deen. I pray that Allah grants all of us the tawfeeq to implement all the aadaab of our deen within our lives.

As a side note, a beneficial book to study to learn the various aadaab is “Aadaab ul Mu’aaasharat” of Hazrat Thanwi (RA). This book covers pretty much everything and leaves out nothing.

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3 Comments on “Excuses for Allah”

  1. Faraz Abdul Moid Says:



    I had this link saved in my email with the title “Aadaab Mu’aasharaat”, but the link does not seem to provide info regarding Allaamah Thanwi (RA), the author of the kitaab, so i don’t know if this is actually from it.

    • Pearl Says:

      Wa ‘Alaykum Assalam

      Yes, that link provides information from the actual book of Maulana Thanwi (RA).


  2. Faraz Abdul Moid Says:

    Jazakumullahu khair for this reminder.

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