Darul Hikmah Presents: Blueprints: Building a Muslim Community

Darul Hikmah’s Spring Retreat
Building a Muslim Community

Friday, May 16th (Asr), 2008
Sunday, May 18th (Zuhr), 2008
ICC Des Plaines | 480 Potter Road
Des Plaines, IL

Ideal worlds are built from ideal nations. Ideal nations are built from ideal communities. Ideal communities are built from ideal individuals. No different from a building, the ideal Muslim community is constructed from the bottom up. Every brick is critical to its stability and success. Every father, daughter, mother, and son, that resides in it plays a vital role in its preservation.

Influencing one’s social atmosphere is not easy, and yet, it is the sole solution to not only our communal problems, but also to our individual and private ones. How then should we build this utopian society, a society where friends and family bring us closer to Allah? What can we do as individuals to bring change in our lives and become solid bricks in the public foundation? Where do we start?

As Muslim children in a this society, what responsibilities do we have to our parents? What are our rights? As a Muslim husband or wife, what are our duties and responsibilities upon each other? As practicing Muslim students, how do we survive in public high schools and universities?

This retreat seeks to discuss the answers to these critical questions and lay out for every concerned believer the Blueprints for Building a Muslim Community.

Topics Include:
Guarding the Gaze & Avoiding Haram
How to Survive School: A Guide for the Pious Muslim
Getting Married & Finding the Right Spouse
Parents and Children: Rights and Responsibilities
A Day in the Life of a Pious Family
Better Parenting

Speakers Include:
Shaykh Junaid Kharsany
Shaykh Nabeel Khan
Hafiz Amir Toft
Imam Abdul Hakeem Dickenson
Imam Minhajuddin Ahmed
Shaykh Omar Hussaini
Shaykh Bilal Ali Ansari
Imam Azeemuddin Ahmed
Imam Khalid Herrington

Program Features:
Two-night Brothers Stayover
Sisters-only sessions
Q&A sessions
Babysitting Services Provided
Program is Free
Food is Free
Babysitting is Free
Open to Brothers and Sisters

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