Sweetness of Iman

Five signs of the Sweetness of Iman:

  1. One derives pleasure in one’s ibaadat.
  2. One prefers obedience to Allah over one’s carnal desires.
  3. To please Allah, one bears all difficulties.
  4. One exercises patience in the face of hardship.
  5. One is happy at all times with whatever Allah has pre-destined.

It is narrated in Bukhari and Muslim that a person who has three habits, through its Barakat will taste the sweetness of Imaan:

  1. He in whose heart Allah and Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam are more beloved than the whole universe.
  2. He who loves someone for the sake of Allah.
  3. He who abhors returning to disbelief after he has brought faith, more than being thrown in the fire.
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3 Comments on “Sweetness of Iman”

  1. sameena subhani Says:

    JazakAllah Khair. Very helpful in introspection and assessment of one’s own status of Iman.

  2. marifa Says:

    it is good website mashallah

  3. Noor Aniza Jasni Says:

    Thanks..i love this.peace in Islam..

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