Acceptance of Du’as

People once asked Hadhrat Ibrahim (RA), “Why does Allah not accept our du’as?” Hadhrat Ibrahim (RA) said:

“You know Allah, but you don’t worship Him. You know His Rasool and the Qur’an, but you do not obey. You eat his bounties, but you are not grateful. You do not make preparations to acquire Jannat nor to abstain from Jahannum. You know Shaitaan is your enemy, but you do not hate him. You know Maut will be coming, but you are not concerned. You bury your parents in their graves, but you derive no lesson. You know that you have defects, yet you search for the faults of others. How then can your du’a be accepted?”

Mashaaikh e Chist; pgs. 119-120

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