Good Akhlaaq

Allah Ta’ala has said:

“Most certainly, you (O Muhammad!) have been created on a great character.”

Below is a list of praiseworthy chracteristics and attributes that all Muslims should try to adopt:

1. To believe oneself to be the most inferior. Its’ opposite is takabbur (pride).

2. Kindness to creation and to tolerate the difficulties and inconveniences they cause one.

3. Tenderness and cheerfulness and to abandon anger.

4. Sympathy for others and to give preference to them. This implies priority to the rights of others over one’s pleasures.

5. To be generous.

6. To overlook the wrongs of others and to forgive them.

7. To abstain from pretence.

8. To spend in moderation, without being miserly or wasteful.

9. To have trust in Allah.

10. To be contented with little worldly possessions.

11. To adopt piety.

12. To refrain from arguing, quarreling and being wrathful except for the truth.

13. To abstain from malice and envy.

14. To abstain from the desire of respect and fame.

15. To fulfill promises.

16. To be tolerant, far-sighted and supportive of brothers.

17. Gratitude to the benefactor.

18. To sacrifice reputation for the sake of Muslims.

Mashaakih e Chist; pgs. 255-256

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2 Comments on “Good Akhlaaq”

  1. Nabeel Khan Says:

    The Real Benefactor is always Allah Ta’ala, however we are told in the hadeeth, that the person who is not grateful to people is not grateful to Allah. So, people who “benefit” us are our benefactors, figuratively speaking, so they need to be shown gratitude as well. They are the means by which we attain benefit, and being grateful to them will lead us to truly being grateful to Allah.

  2. A. Says:

    SubhanAllah, what a beautiful list that needs to be [personally] implemented!

    I had a question though regarding point 17:
    Does benefactor refer to people in general, or Allah SWT?

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