Their Supplications are Accepted with Certainty

1. A destitute and helpless person.

2. An oppressed person, even if he is a non-believer or sinful.

3. Parent’s du’a for their children.

4. The du’a of a just king or ruler.

5. The du’a of a righteous person.

6. Du’a of children who are kind and obedient to their parents.

7. Du’a of the wayfarer.

8. The du’a of a fasting person at the time of breaking the fast.

9. A Muslim’s du’a for another in his or her absence.

10. Every du’a of a Muslim, so long as it is not for oppression or severing blood ties.

11. The pilgrim’s du’a until he or she returns home.

Reflections of Pearls; pgs. 18-19

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