They Could Let You Down

As humans we are often dependent on one another for various things.  Often times we have reasonable expectations from others.  In some ways we put our trust in them so to speak.  Well I have learned a very valuable lesson first hand regarding this.

Not too long ago, I had posed a question to someone.  I had mentioned to them that this is what I had envisioned.  Then I asked them if they would be able to see that come to fruition.  They said, yes, Insha Allah, they will try their best to see that it works out.

From then on afterward, I have been working hard to see that person reach a certain level, to reach the level that I had envisioned.  Not to say that I had put all my trust in them.  I always had my trust in Allah, and at the same time had hope in the individual.  I would stay up nights to pray for this person, and many sleepless nights went in worry and concern over this person only so that they can reach a certain goal.

We plan, and an Allah plans, and whatever Allah plans, happens.  Fate came in between and this person due to reasons may not able to make that vision come to fruition despite relentless effort on our part.  This sort of made me lose a little hope.  I too, am at the end of the day a human being.

I always find solace and comfort in the statements of our elders.  So this situation reminded me of some advice given by Hazrat Mawlana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (RA).  He said, “Never put your hope in the makhlooq (creation) because they could let you down.  The makhlooq is not perfect, and only Allah is perfect.”

Thinking over this statement has caused me to realize that one should never rely on anyone fully.  It is our job to do our best, and then leave the rest up to Allah.

I pray that Allah grants us all the true realization of trusting and relying upon Allah so that we can become His beloveds.  Aameen!

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2 Comments on “They Could Let You Down”

  1. saf Says:

    This is a fantastic blog,

    Will definately bookmark this….

    my blog is a collection of nots from Mufti Muhammad and Shaykh Abdur Raheem….

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  2. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Hadrat Nabeel DB, this post has certainly touched my heart, and have benefitted me big time.

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