A Request for Dua’s for Hazrat Wala (DB)’s Health

Everyone is requested to pray for Hazratwala’s Health as it was very serious yesterday. Maulana Mazhar Sahab said to recite ‘Ya Salamu’ 500 times and pray for his health. please spread this message of to everyone. jazakAllah
(updated: 14 july 08 1631 PST)

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3 Comments on “A Request for Dua’s for Hazrat Wala (DB)’s Health”

  1. Abdulhakim Jimoh Says:

    Asalam alaykun,
    May Allahu ta`ala be pleased with you all!I am lover of Hadrat Wala,having many of his works.They portray his true greatness as a guide and I have even decided to choose him as my guide but the news of his sickness has really sadened me and I am seriously worrisd of how I will be able to derive benefit from his companionship.I am therefore seriously praying for his quick recovery.In the meantime,can you please give me information about any of his khulafa who is close to my country,Nigeria.
    I will be seriously delighted for your help in this regard.Thankyou.ma`asalam.

  2. Abu Yahya Says:

    Alhamdulilah, there was a successful operation for pacemaker (heart surgery). By the grace of Allah Ta`ala, that process is now completed and conditions are much better now. Everyone is requested to continue offering salatul hajaat and prayers for full recovery.

  3. Faraz Abdul Moid Says:


    May Allah (SWT) grant him complete and quick shifaa, and restore his health so that the ummah can benefit for his faidh and ilm.

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