The Incident of Hafiz Shirazi (RA)

Hazratwala (damat barakatuhum) said: My Shaikh, Hazrat Shah Abdul Ghani Saheb () used to tell me the incident of a saint who used to cry in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala in the seclusion of the jungle. He would cry saying, ‘O Allah! How will I find You? Where should I search for You?’

Tell me this, O Sustainer of the world!
Give me an indication of where I could meet You.

Who was this saint? He was Hafiz Sherazi (). Hafiz Sherazi had six brothers. Sultan Najmuddin Kubra () was inspired by Allah Ta’ala, ‘go and make the tarbiyat of one of My servants who is the son of so and so and who cries in My remembrance.’ He was also shown the face of Hafiz Sherazi () in a dream. Ah! How this restless heart and these tear-filled eyes call the Shaikh to them.

If my sigh of ‘Ah!’ had any effect,
Then my beloved will definitely come my way.
My Shaikh, Hazrat Shah Abdul Ghani Saheb () used to ask why the word ‘Kubra’ is attached to Hazrat Najmuddin Kubra’s name. The reason he would ask this is because the word Najmuddin is masculine and the word Kubra is feminine. So how can a masculine noun have a feminine adjective? This is not grammatically correct (according to the Arabic language). So my Shaikh would answer that ‘kubra’ is not the adjective for Najmuddin because here, the noun is hidden. The full name is Shah Najmuddin Sultan Sahibu Munazara-e-Kubra. Therefore, ‘kubra’ is the adjective for Munazara, which is the noun, and both of these are feminine.
Sultan Najmuddin Kubra went to Hafiz Sherazi’s father and asked him how many sons he has. His father replied that he has seven sons. Sultan Najmuddin then told him to call all of his sons but only six of his sons came forward (all being business and worldly-minded). Sultan Najmuddin did not see the one he was shown in the dream. He then asked the father if he had another son. He replied, ‘yes, but I consider him unworthy of being my son. All my other sons are business-minded and working, whereas he just wanders in the jungle crying like a mad man.’ Hazrat Shaikh Najmuddin Kubra replied, ‘That madman is exactly the one I am in search of. The Sustainer of your son, your Sustainer and my Sustainer has sent me specifically to this son of yours. He has commanded me to make his tarbiyat and guide him to Allah.’ Sultan Najmuddin Kubra then proceeded to the jungle and saw Hafiz Shirazi there. Meanwhile, Hafiz Shirazi was also informed about his Shaikh by means of inspiration.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I heard my beloved Hazratwala (damat barakatuhum) tell us: When a person has true sincerity and yearning for the love Allah, then at that time Allah Ta`ala may even send the Shaikh to the mureed! Subhanallah.
Hazrat Thanwi (rahimahullah) would take an oath saying, “By Allah! Anyone who truly yearned for Allah from the bottom of their heart, with sincerity, definitely that person would reach Him.” The sad thing is that we don’t really yearn for Him and strive for Him with sincerity, that is why we are deprived of His love. May Allah Ta`ala grant us all true sincerity for Him.
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