Hazrat Maulana Rumi (RA) very beautifully said, “I ask Allah for proper Adab, because the one who lacks Adab is deprived from the grace of Allah.”  This brings us to an important point the Akaabir bring up which is that if a person is maqbool and accepted by Allah, then Allah will never reject that person and so to say kick the person out of His circle.  But if a person seemingly belongs to be part of Allah’s circle but so to say gets kicked out, then the Akaabir tell us that this person was never accepted to start with in the first place.

From pondering over the above, one other point comes to mind.  This makes me realize the independence of the Ahlullah and the servants of the Ahlullah.  There are so many great Awliya all over the world with hundreds if not thousands of students.  These Awliya are not dependent on anyone of their students.  If a task is given to a particular student and not to another, it should be understood that the Shaykh must have done so for a reason unknown to both students perhaps.  The unseen system of Allah works wonders in ways that we cannot even begin to fathom.

Just keeping in my mind my own Shaykh (DB), who I know has numerous students, doesn’t allot specific things to every single one of them.  If we are told to do something, we consider it our good fortune, because we know with certainty that our Shaykh (DB) does not need any single one of us because he has complete reliance in Allah.  So when a person has Allah, they do not need anyone else.  We are more in need of our Akaabir than they are in need of us, in fact they do not need us at all.

I say this because Allah manifests some of His qualities on His servants sometimes.  Amongst those qualities are Samadiyat and Istighnaa (Self-Reliance and Independence).  These two qualities are always found with the Ahlullah and their servants as well, as Allah manifest these qualities on them.

We find that many a student of a Shaykh feels “left out”.  This in other words is equivalent to having a bad opinion regarding the Shaykh which is extremely detrimental for the spiritual progress of the student.  This is so scary that it can very quickly result in being rejected from the court of Allah.  The manner in which this takes place is that Allah removes that person from the company of the pious, and ultimately the person falls into deep ditch of depression and endless sin.

I mention all of this because something very astonishing occurred recently which I wish to bring to light.  There is a shaykh who had a student who was “upset” with the shaykh and what seemed as jealous and envious of certain other students.  So this student told the shaykh that they are ending the relationship of islah that was mutually established by the shaykh and this particular student.  So the shaykh said that whatever the student feels comfortable doing is fine, thus this relationship of reformation ended.  That same night, the shaykh received a random email from some other person wanting to establish an islahi ta’alluq with that shaykh.

Not to compare with Allah but just as Allah is not in need of our worship because Allah has numerous angels to worship Him, neither are the special servants of Allah in need of people because if one leaves, another one comes along who is always better than the former.

This comparison is also in the Quran where Allah speaks about the apostates that when they turn away from their religion, Allah will bring a new group whom He loves and they will love Him….

I guess this is just me going off on random tangents, but nonetheless, it is food for thought.  I pray that Allah accepts us all for His sake, never causes us to exit from the company of His beloveds.

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