Reminder to Remember

To starve one’s soul,

merely neglect zikr.

To ruin your Hereafter,

just lack in fikr.

Follow your nafs down a slope that is slippery

Will ensure that your life will remain in misery.

The journey of this materialistic universe,

Is nothing but a day.

Yet importance is given to everything around us…

As if we are here to stay.

How foolish is one to let this precious time slip away…

To be wasted away…

Constant remembrance of one’s Creator,

Is essential for progress in both the dunya and aakhirah

Seeking guidance from a spiritual mentor,

Will keep one from leaving the path of Allah.

As the Messenger of Allah (S) said,

“Worship Allah as if you see Him,

If not, then surely He sees you.”

~ Pearl

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3 Comments on “Reminder to Remember”

  1. Saba Yousaf Says:

    We need to remember our very short stay in the dunya as this poem mentions, will be as if it was a day or part of a day. The Day of Judgment is gonna be like 50,000 years. Yet if we compare this to the Akhirah, the eternal, everlasting life it’s nothing. It’s hard to think like this but this is the reality of the dunya compared to the life hereafter.

  2. A. Says:

    Please pray for us weak in heart to embody the message in this poem and practice upon it–if obstacles come in strange forms, then pray that we become more courageous, and fight waswasas that justify submission to unreasonable famililal and societal concerns. Pray for us who have gone to square one in this glorious month, to bear with the unease and stop retreating back to our caves of ignorance. Pray that the pleasure of Allah blinds us from all our meager “concerns” and “justifications”.
    May everyone have a spiritually productive Ramadan, and may all our a’maal be accepted.

  3. Tameem Says:

    MashAllah, MUKARRAR IRSHAD!!!

    This is a beautifully composed poem which embodies some very essential malfuzat and teachings of our akaabir. MashAllah, “Pearl” has managed to produce a pearl through the fazl of Allah.

    BarakAllahu Feek

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