The Eye of Adab

A sultan who visited the tomb of Abu Yazīd (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “Is there anyone here who has met Abu Yazīd?” An old man was pointed out to the sultan.  The sultan asked him, “Have you heard anything that he said?” The old man said, “Yes, Abu Yazīd said, ‘Whoever visits me will not be burned by the Fire of Hell.’”

The sultan was amazed by this, and exclaimed, “How can Abu Yazīd say such a thing when Abu Jahl, who saw the Prophet, is burning in the Fire of Hell?” The old man answered the sultan, saying, “Abu Jahl did not see the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace); rather, he saw the orphan of Abu Talib. If he had seen him the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), he would not be burning in the Fire of Hell.”

The sultan understood and admired what the old man said.

This means that Abu Jahl never looked at the Prophet with respect and honor, believing him to be the Messenger of Allah. If he had seen him with this meaning, he would not be burned with fire. Abu Jahl looked at him with spite and contempt, believing that he was only the orphan of Abu Talib, so his seeing the Prophet did not benefit him. And if you, O brother, meet the qutb of the time without adab, this meeting will have no benefit for you. In fact, it may have more harm in it than benefit. So have adab in front of the shaykh and struggle to travel on the path of sulook.

– ‘Arif Billah Shaykh Abu Madyan (rahmatullahi alaihi)

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