Travelogue to Lahore: Muharram 28th 1425/March 20th 2004

Nawab Qaysar Sahib (DB) who is one of the last of Hazrat Thanwi’s (RA) living mureeds, mentioned in one of Hazratwala’s (DB) majalis that Khwajah Sahib (RA) once asked Hazrat Hakim ul Ummat (RA) as to how the love of Allah is attained…?

Commenting on this Hazratwala (DB) said:

In other words, (when we talk about love of Allah Ta`ala, we mean): so much love should enter our hearts that we make a sincere effort to implement all the commandments of Allah Ta`ala; especially adhering to the Sunnah by growing our beards a fist-length, and by keeping our garments above the ankles, safeguarding the eyes from lustful glances, and guarding our hearts and minds from evil thoughts. Also, the greatness and majesty of Allah Ta`ala should be embedded into our hearts and the value of the creation and worldly things should be eliminated.

People endowed with intelligence know that one must obey authority and those of power. To oppose them is actually inviting trouble. Take the example of the King of the Jungle: the lion. The lion is one and the foxes, baboons, and hyenas are of the thousands. Logically they should be controlling the jungle because they are in the majority.

(Just on a lighter note) if the baboons were to have an election to take over control of the jungle, the lion would simply laugh and say, “Have a thousand elections, but the moment I let out one roar, you will all be so terrified that you will not even have the strength to vote…”

So if there is so much power in a simple creation of Allah such as a lion, then what does your imagination tell you about the Creator of that lion? Thus, even logically, we have understood that obedience to Allah is absolutely necessary, because He is the possessor of Absolute Power. (And it is the demand of intelligence that one should but obey Him.)

But the question still remains as to why people still disobey Him?  The reason for that is the lack of love for Him in the heart.

So returning to the topic which was initially being discussed, Khwajah Sahib asked Hakim ul Ummat as to how we can acquire that essential love for Allah Ta`ala in our hearts. Hazrat Thanwi replied: “Those who have acquired this love, you should humble yourself before them, and acquire their company. In other words, annihilate your nafs before them. Don’t remember your accomplishments and status in front of them. Forget about your potentials and achievements and through this humbleness, you will acquire popularity and love amongst people.”

But don’t humble yourself for this intention. Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) has said, “He who humbles himself for the sake of Allah then Allah will elevate him.” Thus we understand that this humbleness must be for the sake of Allah. How can you consider the one who humbles himself for the sake of popularity to be for Allah? This is humbleness is for the sake of dunya, not for the sake of Allah.

Humble yourself for the sake of Allah before your Shaikh in hope of acquiring the love of Allah.

Lower yourself before a “man of Allah.”

Therefore, lower yourself before a Shaikh-e-kaamil. What he tells you to do, do it… but this is on the condition, that the Shaikh is a strict adherent of the Shari’ah and Sunnah, and has the fear of Allah in his heart.  Not some “peer” or “fake shaykh” who tells his female mureeds, “There is no hijab between the teacher and student! Come and sit in front of me! Why are you hiding behind the curtain?! If you are going to make hijab from me, then how will I recognize you on the Day of Judgment, and then how will I intercede on your behalf before Allah, when I don’t know what you look like?”

This is no peer or Shaykh! This is a wretched and cursed, deceptive imposter! The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) who was free from all sins, (major and minor, past, present and future) would take care from intermingling with ghayr mahram women. Have these people surpassed even the prophet that they don’t take care in guarding themselves from ghayr mahram women?

Understand that such a “peer” or Shaykh is a shaytaan and he is rejected. Stay far away from such a person.

At the end of the majlis Hazrat said: “This is why I always say don’t attach your heart to these beautiful and attractive faces. Now you will spend all your life and wealth for this person but look ahead as to what that person will become. That young and attractive girl that you were ready to sacrifice everything for, when she becomes a grandma of 4 then you will run away from her. What happened to all that love and romance now? From this it is understood that this was not true love, rather it was lust, and the intention was to have illicit sexual intercourse, nothing else.

Just like this, that handsome young man when he becomes an old and feeble grandpa, would you still want to have love and romance with him? If you really “loved” him as you say then why are you now running away from him? I say there is no greater deceptive and lying fool than a person who is involved on an illicit and haram relationship with a man or woman.

If someone had committed illicit sexual intercourse with another person when they were young and later in life one of them became very religious and pious and people even go and get dua’s from him… how can that person who had committed lustful actions with him ever face him after that? You will never even want to encounter such a person out of fear of the shameful act that you had done to him/her in your youth. You might even be afraid that the curse of Allah will descend upon you for doing such evil actions to one who is now a friend of Allah. Therefore why should you do such shameful and evil actions that you will regret later on in life?

My health is not well but in spite of this I have said a few words… May Allah Ta’ala accept it and make it beneficial.


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