An Important Announcement on Behalf of the Great Sage, Hazrat Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (DB)

Nowadays, people are generally involved in a particular sin and that is to behave in an inappropriate, immodest manner. Leave alone the general public; even the religious elite are involved in this sin as well. For this reason, those who have a relationship with me, particularly those who have been given any religious rank should observe proper code of Islamic modesty otherwise people will not learn Deen from them, nor will they derive any real form of spiritual benefit. To observe the proper code of Islamic modesty is the command of Allah. Beyond this a person should reflect over this that they are answerable to Allah, therefore every Muslim should be scrupulous regarding this particular issue.

For men, they should be particular in terms of interaction with the wife of their mothers’ brother and the wife of their fathers’ brother, all paternal and maternal female cousins, their sister-in-laws and any other female relative of their wife/wives. The only exception would be a person’s mother-in-law. For women, they should be particular in terms of interaction with the husband of their mothers’ sister, the husband of their fathers’ sister, all paternal and maternal male cousins, their sisters’ husbands or their husbands’ brother(s) and any other male relative of their husbands apart from their father-in-law. All of these people are considered non-mahram (anyone with whom marriage could be possible). The husband should be particular in ensuring that he does not unnecessarily cause his wife to interact with his younger or older brother(s). However, if their house is small, then everyone should be diligent in guarding their gaze. Without a valid reason, no one should converse with non-mahrams nor should they eat together.

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