Cure for Infatuation

1. Cut off any and all forms of communication with the soon to be deceased person, i.e. speaking to them, looking at them, meeting them, even to the extent that if somebody else mentions them then stop that person from speaking about them. Somehow, intentionally or forcefully find an excuse if one has to, to mention any negative qualities regarding that person and speak ill of them so that at the end they end up developing hatred towards you. So that if initially there was some sort of inclination on the part of the other person that will no longer remain and physically distance oneself from this person to such an extent where even by accident you won’t be able to see them. The main point is that there should be a complete cut off from them.

2. Stipulate a time of solitude for oneself, perform a fresh ghusl, and wear clean clothes, put on some fragrance. Individually pray two rak’ats with the intention of making tawbah (Salat ul Tawbah), thereafter make abundant istighfar, sincere tawbah and ask Allah Ta’ala to grant one salvation from this disease. And anywhere from 500 to 1000 times make zikr of the first Kalimah such that when you say “La Ilaaha” imagine that you’ve taken everything other than Allah out from your heart and when you say “Illallah” imagine that you have firmly established the love of Allah Ta’ala within your heart. This zikr should be done with a light swaying of the head from the right to the left side.

3. Imagine regarding any pious person with one whom has an extreme sense of reliability that that pious person is sitting in your heart and is emptying out all the filth from ones’ heart.

4. To read any book of hadith or any other book which mentions the punishment that will be given to those who are disobedient to Allah Ta’ala and which mentions the punishments of the hereafter in general.

5. Stipulate a time for one self where one is alone and imagine the following scene that: I am standing in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement and Allah is saying to me, “O Vile person, have you no shame that you have left me and have gone towards something that is soon to die, was this the right that We have over you, was it for this reason that We have created you? O Ungrateful one, using those things that We have given you, your eyes, your heart, your limbs, etc. You use them to disobey Me, have you no modesty.” For a long period of time a person should be involved in this thought process even if a person feels any form of stress or discomfort whether it be physical or emotional using ones’ courage and willpower a person should carry out the above-mentioned prescriptions.

And Allah Ta’ala is the one who gives the ultimate cure.

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2 Comments on “Cure for Infatuation”

  1. Pearl Says:

    What do you mean by close relative? For example, like a mother, sister, or daughter?

  2. Muhammad Ismail Khan Says:

    If the soon-to-be deceased person is a close relative, then is it jaiz to cut off relations from him?

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