Caution Against Evil Company and Advice regarding Pious Company

Hakim-ul-Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)

The impact of the company one keeps is such that he is bound to change according to the nature of his companion. As a Persian poet says, “A pious companion will make you pious whilst an evil companion will make you evil.”

As far as possible, refrain from an evil friend because an evil companion is more fatal than a venomous snake. A venomous snake is only a threat to life but an evil friend is a threat to both life and Iman. A little while in the company of the saints is better than a thousand years of sincere Ibadat. He who longs for the companionship of Allâh Ta’âla, should seek the company of the friends of Allâh.

I heard of an incident regarding Mirza Mazhar Jân-e-Jâna. On one occasion, the following Hadith was recited in his Majlis: “There is a time (during the day) that if a person makes Duâ during that time, his Duâ is accepted.” Following the recitation of this Hadith, frantic discussions took place in the Majlis as to what Duâ a person should make if he comes across this time. Mirza Sahib finally commented: “We will make Duâ for pious company because pious company is a great blessing and a fountainhead of goodness and piety.”

This quote is from a  lecture delivered by Hadhrat Thanwi rahmatullahi alayhi in Lâl Masjid, Gangoh, U.P. India, on the 1st of Shabân 1330 A.H

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