It is Difficult to Become a HumanBeing

Hazrat Hakim-ul-Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) said, “Nowadays people have their priorities mixed up. They consider the unnecessary to be necessary, and the necessary to be unnecessary. Likewise, in the matter of bay’ah people consider it to be in the status of a fardh or wajib thus they go to extremes to become bay’ah and become a ‘buzurg’ (saint).

But my occupation and effort is totally focused on making humans. [Here, Hazrat Thanwi is referring to the ‘perfected human’, who is adorned with righteous character and purified of evil characteristics].

Attainment of greatness and ‘buzurgi’ (sainthood) is very easy because this is not our department of work; it is actually related to the Lofty and Sublime power of Allah Ta’ala. We are slaves and are incapable of granting ‘greatness’ to anyone. The one, whom He wishes to elevate and grant status to, shall be granted ‘buzurgi’.

But as far becoming a true ‘human’, this is something related to us mortal beings and thus it is a very difficult thing to acquire. One poet said,

You became a shaykh, and an ascetic,

But unfortunately you failed to become a Muslim

In my opinion, to say: ‘you failed to become a Muslim’ is a bit harsh, so I modified the couplet in this manner,

You became a shaykh, and an ascetic,

But unfortunately you failed to become a true human being

Now it sounds better.

Maulana Jalaluddeen Rumi (rahimahullah) said,

The fact that you are made up flesh and bone, is not what makes you human,

Your being ‘human’ is determined by attainment of the pleasure of Allah.

(Malfuzat-e-Hakimul-Ummah; 7/201-202)

NOTE: May Allah Ta’ala enlighten Hazrat Thanwi’s grave with light! In his writings, Hazrat always reminds us to focus on our priorities on this path and saves us from falling into misunderstandings and misconceptions.  This is also a great reminder for us that the purpose of tasawwuf and sulook is nothing but rectification of character and purification of the soul. The priceless gem of nisbah ma’ Allah (the connection with Allah) can never be acquired without it.

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One Comment on “It is Difficult to Become a HumanBeing”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum WR WB,

    Good one… Mashallah keep it up… Prayers for this lowly.

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