The Worldly Harms of Sinning

Hakimul-Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahimahullah)

1. Deprival of knowledge.

2. Decrease in one’s sustenance (rizq).

3. Trembling and shuddering at the mention of Allah Ta’ala.

4. Feeling uneasy in the presence of men, especially good and pious men.

5. Experiencing difficulty in most affairs.

6. Loses purity of the heart.

7. Feels weakness of heart, and at times, weakness of the entire body.

8. Gets deprived or bereft of obedience (doing good deeds).

9. His life is shortened.

10. One is deprived of the capability to repent (make taubah).

11. After some time, the seriousness of sins comes out of his heart.

12. One becomes despicable in the sight of Allah.

13. His immorality or wrongdoing affects other people and he is thereby cursed by them.

14. His intellect becomes weak or deficient.

15. He is cursed by Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

16. Is deprived of the dua’s of the angels.

17. Faces a shortage in crops.

18. Loses modesty and a sense of self-respect.

19. The greatness of Allah Ta’ala comes out of the heart.

20. Is deprived of all bounties and blessings.

21. Is engulfed or inundated by difficulties and calamities.

22. The shayateen are deputed over him.

23. His heart is always in turmoil.

24. One is unable to read the kalimah at the time of death.

25. Despairs of the mercy of Allah Ta’ala, and because of this, dies without having repented.

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One Comment on “The Worldly Harms of Sinning”

  1. Sadiq Says:

    subhanAllah!! jazakAllahukhairun for sharing Shaykh.

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