Asking for Allah

HazratWala (DB) said:

“My Shaykh, Hazrat Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri Sahib (Rahmatullah Alayh) used to say, ‘When do you people go to the people of Allah? You go to get a cure when there is an illness. When there is a possibility of you losing your job, then you go to them to get an amulet (taweez). When you see your factory sales are dropping drastically, then you ask them for an amulet. But tell me this, from those who sell sweets, you buy sweets, you buy guava from those who sell guava, you buy cloth from those who sell cloth. You never ask those who sell cloth for sweets, nor do you ever ask those who sell sweets for cloth. Then why do you not ask the people of Allah for Allah? Over there you only ask for things of this world.’”

-Taslim-o-Raza, Page 30

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