Deen in Two Sentences

HazratWala (DB) said:

“Someone once requested a pious saint, ‘Can you advise me?’ He said, ‘I will present before you the entirety of Deen in two statements.

اعمل في الدنيا بقدر مقامك فيها
واعمل للاخرة بقدر مقامك فيها

Work for this life for as long as you need to reside here. Work for the Hereafter for as long as you need to dwell there.’

Tell me, is there or is there not the entirety of Deen in these two statements? Now, if one does not balance out things in their lives and is always busy in earning, so then tell me, what will he become? A man once said to me, ‘I wish to open another factory.’ I said to him, ‘If you are going to be earning more, then you will be coming to me less, and you will become weak in terms of your Deen. Earn to the extent that you can live with respect. Those who do not balance out their lives are stuck in this world day and night. In the word ‘balance’ isn’t there the word ‘beyl’? [A term in urdu, which means ‘a young bull’] So understand this that this type of person [the person who does not have a balance in life] is a young bull, not a human being, that he is busy in ruining the country and in building for a few days.”

-Zikrullah Aur Itminan e Qalb; Pages 25-26

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