Differences in Language and Skin Color is a Sign of Allah Ta`ala’s Greatness and Power

Hazratwala while commenting the verse below (DB) said:

All Muslims are brothers to one another.

انما المؤمنون اخوة
The Believers are but a single brotherhood
(Surah Hujurat; verse 10)

Some have come from Africa and others are here from London, some from Baluchistan, another is from Punjab, and another from Sindh. Everyone is from some place but all consider everyone here my brother.

Allah Ta’ala says: “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your language and colors; verily in that are signs for those who know.”

If someone happens to look down upon the sign of Allah and disrespect it, then this is a very grave sin and the person who does this is an extremely foolish individual.

A lot of prominent, so-called “educated” people have hatred in their hearts for others due to differences in race & languages.

People do not understand the reality of SIN! If someone does not accept a sign of Allah, then this is disbelief.

If someone happens to speak Punjabi or Sindhi language, then an Urdu speaking person will start laughing and ridiculing them for that.

Urdu is a good language but to consider it superior and more virtuous than every other language is not permissible. Neither is it permissible to look down on any language.

One should not look down upon the English language either. If a person from England accepts Islam then what language will he speak? Obviously he will be speaking the English language. Therefore, consider all languages and dialects to be good and a manifestation of Allah’s greatness.

If you were born in England, you would have grown up speaking English. If you were born in Punjab, you would have spoken Punjabi, and if you were born in Sindh then you would have spoken Sindhi. So would you look down on the language you were born with? Thus, we should not discriminate against any language.

When we had traveled to Bangladesh, we never disrespected or looked-down upon any Bangladeshi person. It is for this reason that all the Bangladeshis fell in love with me. I don’t have nationalism and racial pride in me, and finding a person who does not have nationalism and racism in his heart is very difficult. Look at how many Punjabi friends I have. I get enjoyment from listening to their Punjabi language.

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2 Comments on “Differences in Language and Skin Color is a Sign of Allah Ta`ala’s Greatness and Power”

  1. Great Post. JazakALLAH

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