How Undeserving We Are!

Commenting on the lamentable condition of the scholars, Hakeem-ul-Ummah, Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said:

“Nowadays, there is nothing but pride, arrogance, and advertising knowledge and ability.  There no longer remains any sign of humility, humbleness, and modesty.”

It is amazing how these words hold true of ‘Ulama even today.  If an ‘alim is not addressed with whatever title they assume that they deserve, their ego becomes injured.  It has become all about how well a certain scholar can deliver a lecture.  The main focus no longer remains the message, rather the focus has shifted to style of delivery.

One must never forget that an ‘alim is in no way equal to a layman, but this does not entail that the ‘alim is more virtuous (afdhal) than the layman.   Often times, ‘ulama get caught up in their own ranks, positions and virtues, and shaytaan takes them down the most slippery slope of vanity.

We pray to Allah that He grant us all humility and humbleness, and that He protect us from pride and arrogance.

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