Someone’s Already Doing It, So Why Should I???

There always comes a time in a salik’s life where the salik finds them self thinking the following: There are already people doing various things for their shaykh and those people have made those particular things their “thing.”  They also notice that the shaykh has no particular issue with the way things are running, rather the shaykh is quite comfortable with the way things are.  So the poor salik figures, “what’s the point of me doing this or doing that when someone is already doing it?”

Well the simple answer to this question is that no one has a monopoly over the service of their shaykh unless the shaykh specifies otherwise.  Even then, it is the job of true salikeen to present themselves in the service of the shaykh and ask if they can do that particular job even though someone else is already doing it.

Another route the salik may want to take is to figure out such a thing that no one else is doing for the shaykh.  This way the salik has something specific which would help the shaykh and the salik.

Remember the shaykh is not in need of khidmah of the salik, rather the salik is in need of the shaykh and also to make khidmah of the shaykh.

The main point would be that just because someone is already doing something for the shaykh, it does not mean that we don’t find an opportunity to serve our shaykh.

I pray that Allah grants us all the tawfeeq to be in the khidmah of our shaykh.

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2 Comments on “Someone’s Already Doing It, So Why Should I???”

  1. salik Says:

    khaak e paye Peer, Surmay chishmaan e maan, Moula e maa, woh oon Moula Tameem, Peer e Peer’ an wa-maa meer’an e meer…

  2. This post has been very beneficial to me for few matters. JazakALLAH o Khaira, JazakALLAH o Khaira. Hadrat Nabeel (db) JazakALLAH o Khaira once again.

    Khak Paye Hadrat Shaikh (db),

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