The Nights Allah Swore By…

Respected Readers,

Allah has blessed us by allowing us to witness the days we are in now.  It is sufficient to say that Allah has taken an oath by the coming nights in the Qur’an.  The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) indicated that each night equates to Laylat-ul-Qadr in reward.

Time is of the essence.  Our mashaaikh said, “O man!  You are nothing but a few days.”  Those people that Allah has invited to His Blessed House have left or are leaving.  Those of us who are less fortunate can at least reap the reward of these nights and resemble the people gone for Hajj.

Many articles by great scholars have been written regarding the meritorious nature of these nights.  I do not wish to make this into some academic or scholastic work.  I simply want to put a simple message forward.

My Beloved Allah has sworn by these nights.  That tells me that these nights are beloved to Allah.  Anything beloved to my Beloved should also be beloved to me.  It also shows me that Allah values these nights.  So anything that Allah values, I should also value it.

Us humans are opportunists and intelligent when it comes to the world and its affairs. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters pertaining to our hereafter, we become fools.  It is high time we wise up, wake up, and come to the banquet of reward that Allah has planned out for us in the following nine days and nights.

I pray to Allah that He grant us all the ability to benefit abundantly from these days and nights.  I pray that He allows us to not only reap much reward but also to safeguard whatever we acquire, and ultimately make us from His accepted and righteous servants.


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