How Do I Thank You?

On thinking over the concept of giving a gift to one’s shaykh, the following question came to my mind, “How do I thank you?”  I say this because the word “shaykh” and “gift” is difficult to use in the same sentence….After that question, it led me to a few other questions…

How do I thank you for saving me from kufr when my life was moving towards that direction?  How do I thank you for saving me from shirk when my life revolved around obeying my whims and desires and you came into my life to break my nafs? How do I thank you for saving my tongue from lying when that it is all that it was accustomed to?  You came and literally taught me to speak the truth.  How do I thank you for saving me from backbiting when eating the dead-flesh of creation had become a regular meal?  How do I thank you for removing the love of the world and instilling in me the love to strive for excellence in this life but to do it for the love of the hereafter?  How do I thank you for changing the direction of my heart from being infatuated with the transient beauty of this world to now being focused on the One Permanent Being?  Like I said, the list can go on and on and on.

What would work? What would suffice?  That individual who becomes a means of our salvation from hell to heaven, we have the audacity to think we do him favors when in reality it is our good fortune that Allah uses us to serve his pious servants.

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