The Attitude of the Awliyaa’

Please bear in mind that the following are sentiments felt by me just as they were felt by my shaykh (DB) when he was advised by his shaykh (RA).

The reason for me posting this is because the final days of Ramadhan are upon us.  I am physically and spiritually weak and sick.  The various illnesses I have do not allow me to engage in those acts of worship which I yearn to do.  Therefore, I hope the readers will take the following as my shaykh (DB) understood it, and as I have understood it.  I pray that they excel in achieving the pleasure of Allah and His forgiveness.  I can only hope from the Most Merciful that He grant me a share in their reward.  Please do not forget this lowly servant in these final days of this blessed month.

As for my mureeds, if you have not been able to comprehend what you perceive as my strictness or if I have gotten upset or angry and scolded any one of you regarding anything, then following should explain why.  I hope that you will be mature enough to realize that it was all out of love for you and so that I can have a portion of what I was unable accomplish.

Our beloved Hazratwala (DB) mentioned the following,

My Shaykh, Mawlana Shah Abrar ul Haq Sahib (DB) scolded me on a particular point while I was in Hardoi. After a while he called me and explained, “A shaykh is like a gardener, a landscape artist who does not approve of a disjointed or unsymmetrical branch. He will cut, trim and prune every branch till it meets the aesthetic standard set out for a perfect garden, till he is satisfied beyond doubt about the beauty and perfection of his garden. The shaykh also desires this high standard with this in mind. Even though I am unworthy, I do not wish to see any of my mureeds being unworthy.”

When he said these words, I began crying. He then said, “The shaykh thinks along these lines, My mureeds must become better than I am, their features and characteristics must fall into place and be free of defects so that whoever casts their gaze upon them will be intoxicated with ecstasy and awe at their excellence.”

Thereafter he made a statement, “You too are a Sahib-e-Aulaad, people are Bay’at to you too.”

This is by no means an insignificant statement; it was severe tongue lashing which was to serve as a great lesson. He had given me a severe lashing, a flogging, a castigation that was meant for me to maintain my equilibrium and not under any circumstances to consider with reservation or even worse dislike or hatred.

He was saying, “Do not think ill of my scolding you. If today you do not listen to me, who thereafter will listen to you? If today you cannot tolerate me, who will thereafter be able to tolerate you.”

He had mentioned but a single statement but all this was contained therein. These at times mention only the minor premise of the syllogism while the major premise and the conclusion is omitted. He mentioned the basis, the first or minor premise without explaining its net result. The conclusion of what he was saying is, “If today you will listen to what I have to say, tomorrow people will listen to what you have to say to them. If on the other hand you are not prepared to listen to me, people too will not be prepared to listen to you.”

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