A Request for Dua’s

Bismihi Ta’ala,

Dear Readers,

On this blessed night of Ramadhan, the mother of my dear friend, Mawlana Bilal Ali (DB) has passed on to the mercy of Allah.  She was a very pious woman.  She was suffering from pancreatic cancer.  She was a very patient woman.  She dealt with her illness without any complaints and was pleased with the decree of Allah.

I would personally like to request all those who read the blog, whether you know of Mawlana Bilal (DB) or not, to supplicate to Allah for his mother’s forgiveness.  We pray to Allah that He cleanses her of any and all sins and shortcomings just as dirt is washed away from a white cloth.  Also that Allah forgive her, shower His choicest mercy upon her, and grant her a place in the highest levels of paradise.

We pray that Allah grants the family patience in these times of difficulty.  May Allah  facilitate every type of ease for them.  May Allah grant the deceased and her family endless rewards.

She was a very intelligent woman.  A medical doctor as far as this world goes, but her real investments are that her eldest son is involved in the work of Da’wah, her other son is a hafidh of the Qur’an, and the other son is an erudite scholar of Deen.  Hence, we also pray to Allah that He makes her children a means of continual charity for her.


Jazakallahu Khayran,


nabeel khan

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One Comment on “A Request for Dua’s”

  1. Imran Khan Says:

    Assalamu ‘Allaikum,

    Just learned about this sad news. May Allah forgive all her sins and grant patience to her family. Ameen.

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