The Training has been Completed and the Job Starts Now!

Alhamdulillah, for ‘Eid I was able to listen to a lecture by an esteemed khalifah of my Shaykh (DB).  If any khalifah of my Shaykh (DB) is speaking, I listen to that person as if Hazrat (DB) himself were speaking because the khalifah gets the faydh from Hazrat (DB) so in the end, the source is one.  There were some thought provoking points he made during the lecture.  I could not note down the whole lecture, but Alhamdulillah, I was able to write down some notes…

“Ramadhan is a month of training.  For example, we may have one month of training for some job or work.  Ramadhan is a one month training period to develop taqwa.  After any training period, it is assumed that the objective of that training has been achieved or completed.  Ramadhan is when we all get trained to develop taqwa.  We now need to use that taqwa to begin the rest of the year.  The month of taqwa training is now over and the job of living our lives with taqwa starts now for the rest of the year.

Very unfortunate are those who recognize Allah in this month.  In other words, people are at a loss when they recognize Allah only this month and forget about Allah the rest of the year.  We are not occasional worshipers. The Qur’an has described us as a “worshiping nation”.   Every moment of the life of a believer is worship or at least it should be worship.

Muslims cannot be proper Muslims and to top it off, we rip each other off with our saying “Insha Allah” or “Masha Allah”.  “Masha Allah” is said to many people in the most sarcastic way.  “Insha Allah” has become synonymous with the word “no”.  Someone tells us something we do not want to do, we reply with an “Insha Allah”.  Then we wonder why we do not progress.

One reason why do not progress is because we have made worshiping Allah into a custom and/or a ritual.   Our Deen is so beautiful and every aspect has a purpose and point to it.  I will give one example and conclude.  On any day which is considered a day of ‘Eid like today (‘Eid-al-Fitr), ‘Eid-al Adha, and Jumu’ah, we know that it is from the sunnah to wear new or our best clothes for these occasions.   We wear new clothes on ‘Eid to signify a new beginning externally which in turn should also highlight a new start internally.”*

I pray that Allah accepts all that we have done or had intended to do and grants us the chance to live through Ramadhan many more times.


*If I have misquoted the speaker or have erred in any way then that is my own fault and not of the speaker.

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