Why “An-Noor”?

Many people often ask, “Why the title “An-Noor” for the blog?”  I know I have told people why in person, but I guess I never wrote it out on the blog itself.  So I guess it is only befitting that I mention it in writing.  Perhaps the following passage may clarify why I chose this title.

An-Noor was a monthly organ which would be published from the Khanqah Imdadiya Ashrafiya, Thanabhawan, U.P. India.  The editor of which was Mawlana Shabbir Ali (RA)-Hazrat Thanwi’s (RA) nephew-who would send it out towards the end of every lunar month.  It was thirty six (36) pages including the title page.  Its publication began in Jumad-al-Ula of 1335 A.H.  It revolved around the teachings of Hazrat Thanwi (RA), which would be printed and published in it.” – Ma’athir Hakeem-ul-Ummat pg. 511

There you have it.  I did not want the publication to die out. I wanted to revive it.  Due to my own laziness and inability, I am unable to update it often, but nonetheless, I request everyone to pray to Allah that I be given the ability to be regular with posts so that Noor is not blown out but rather that it lights other candles which light others until the last day.  Aameen!

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2 Comments on “Why “An-Noor”?”

  1. JazakALLAH-o-Khaira for posting this information. May Allah Taala enable me and you to value our Mashaikh Ameen…

  2. syedsirajuddinsohail Says:

    Jazakallah brother for spreading the noor………

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