Tawbah: A Fresh Start

In life we all, including myself, make numerous mistakes.  Some mistakes are minor and some are major. Shaytan tricks us into thinking that yes, acknowledge the sin, that is the lesser of the two evils, you can make tawbah later.  I tell you first hand, this is a clear deception.  A wrong is a wrong whether one acknowledges it or not. We all are human and are prone to make mistakes.  When people we look up to make mistakes it shakes our foundation.  This is due to a foundational error on our part.  We think that person is the destination, the end all of everything, when in reality, Allah is the end all of everything.  Allah is the destination and always has been.  Sulook has always been called a path to Allah, and never was it called a path to the shaykh. The shaykh at the end of the day is also a human and he makes mistakes both minor and major.  Allah shows us that He is the Maqsood and Matloob.   The shaykh is like a ladder that one climbs to reach Allah. However, tawbah is such a vehicle that can take a person from the farsh to the ‘arsh in a moment.  It is for this reason that Hazratwala (DB) has said in poem, “Whoever has had the ability to seek forgiveness, then it is not permissible to say that this person is not forgiven.” I feel that we all should renew out tawbah and start fresh and let bygones be bygones.  The past is the past and nothing but tawbah can wipe out the past.  The present is a gift for us to adorn our future.  We all should constantly make tawbah to Allah.

Just an incident about my own shaykh, I had committed some major blunders and had defamed the name and honor of my shaykh.  I had informed Hazratwala (DB) about it.  I told him I made tawbah and cried a lot when I realized the extreme nature of how wrong I was.  He replied, “Do not worry.  Allah is Tawwab and loves those who make tawbah.  The tears you have shed, know that they have wiped out all the wrongs you may have committed.” I told him I am unfit to represent you after what I had done.  Hazratwala (DB) replied by saying, “Someone who forgets his way home in the morning if he comes back home in the evening is not sad to be lost.  Just continue the work you are doing and do it better than before.”  Hazratwla’s doors have always been open and so are our doors.  Insha Allah thing will be different and proper from now on.

Obviously it was not easy for me to write this, so I request everyone to make dua’ for me.

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5 Comments on “Tawbah: A Fresh Start”

  1. Muhammad Says:

    May Allah bless you Shaykh Nabeel and make you a source of spreading Hazratwala Damat Barakatuhum’s intense love of Allah across the world
    May he bless you in your health and your knowledge and may he take great works of deen from you and make you a source of spreading light across this world
    Please Make dua for me that Allah subhanahuwata’ala make my repentence sincere and that he accept me in his path

  2. imran ali Says:

    jazakallah khair
    very nice info

  3. mianihsan_2006 Says:

    Allah ham sab ko moat say pehlay pehlay tobah ke tofique attaa farmaye.aameen

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