Win-Win Situation

Earlier this month, my Shaykh (DB) told me the following after making dua’ for both his and my health, “He who is healthy is in the bounty of Allah, whereas he who is sick (and bears it patiently) is in the company of Allah.” – brief telephone conversation with Hazratwala (DB)

To put as close to as he put it would probably be to say, “Whoever is healthy is in the ni’mat of Allah, whereas whoever is sick on condition that they are patient is in the ma’iyyat of Allah.”

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2 Comments on “Win-Win Situation”

  1. Anamul Islam Says:

    JazakAllah for sharing this, Make dua for me and ask Hazratwala to also make dua for me.

  2. Mir Says:

    SubhanAllah, very thought provoking. JazakAllahukair for this shaykh nabeel.

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