Do Not Ever Let Go

Hafiz Sa’di Shirazi (RA) writes regarding his childhood, “The days of childhood were so wonderful.  I still remember this incident from my childhood, when I was with my father and he took me to the ‘Eid fair.  My father had told me to hold on to him and never let go of him.  There were people in large numbers gathered and it was extremely crowded.  It was difficult to see anything due to the crowd.  Suddenly  I realized that I became separated from my father and as a result I began to cry loudly and profusely.  My father was also worried and eventually found me.  He held me by my ear and and scolded me, “O insolent child! Did I not tell you to hold on to me and never let go of me?! You did not care and that is why you got lost.”

This incident of my childhood became a beacon of guidance for me throughout my entire life and taught me a very valuable lesson:

Those who let go of their elders becomes lost forever in the carnival of this world.”

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