Reviving the Sunnah from a 6th Grade Girl

  • Back biting is very bad. Who ever you back bite about you have to eat them on the day of Judgment.  When you back bite about someone you get lots of bad deeds.
  • Angels don’t enter a house that has pictures or a dog in it because drawing pictures of people or animals is harm and the salva of a dog is also harm.
  • Say Bismillah befor eating because it is Allah’s name and also the sunnah. Eat with your right hand because if you eat with your left hand shaitan will eat with you and you will not benifet from your food and feel hungry again.  You also have to eat from what is near you because it is very rude to eat from plates that are far away from you and it is also the sunnah.
  • Who ever recites Surah Kahf on Friday, a light will shine between that friday and the next friday.  You will also be protected from the Dajjal and I think it is the sunnah of the Prohphet (SWAS).
  • Salah is the key to paradise because you get lots of good deeds when you pray and the difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim doesn’t pray.
  • The best deeds to Allah are the deeds that are done consistanly even if they are little so that is why you have to do small deeds alot and everyday so Allah will be pleased with you.
  • Whoever sends dorood 80 times on Friday all his sins will be forgiven because Allah will be happy with that person.
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One Comment on “Reviving the Sunnah from a 6th Grade Girl”

  1. NAIMUDDIN Says:

    SubhaanAllah, May Allah grant us to follow all the commandments of Allah and sunnah of his messenger, S.A.W.

    JazakAllah Khair wa barkatuhu. May Allah Grant all the Success here in the world and Hereafter to you and all the children of the muslim community.

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