The Effect of Righteous Company

Once an ‘alim came to Hazrat Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (RA). He told Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) that I would like to make tawbah and be in your company. He also  mentioned to Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) about his inability to performed the tahajjud prayer. Hazrat Haji Saheb (RA) did not say anything about tahajjud to him and just made him a mureed.

The mureed stayed with Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) in the same room that night. Late at night ( as was his habbit) Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) began to offer the tahajjud prayer. The mureed woke up at that time and was observing Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) performing tahajjud. Observing this, the mureed could not keep himself on the bed. So he got up, did wudu, and prayed tahajjud too. This mureed later informed  Hazrat Haji Sahib (RA) that since that very night, he never ever in his life missed tahajjud. This is the effect of righteous company.

– Irshadat-e-Abrar

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One Comment on “The Effect of Righteous Company”

  1. hashmi Says:

    Plz upload the book Irshadat e abrar by syed saleem ullah sahab ghaurhi

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