The Receipt of Acceptance

Once my Shaykh Hazrat Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA) said to me, “Hakeem Akhtar [DB], when you are able to cry during your supplication then realize that your prayers have been accepted.  These tears are a receipt of the acceptance of your prayers.

– Gham-e-Hasrat ki Azmat pg. 27

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2 Comments on “The Receipt of Acceptance”

  1. Sayyid Farooq Ali Hassani Says:

    Salaam brother,


    1) When you take your driving lessons and the instructor tells you “more accelerator” or “brake slowly now” this will make you a safer driver and thus allow you to pass the final test and gain a full liscence, do YOU ask him, “what is your proof?” Of course you don’t.

    2)When you fall ill and go too your Doctor and relate your symptoms and he writes out a prescription for you, do you question him there also and ask ,”What is your proof?” , “Show me where it is written thus in the books of medeine?”

    Of course you don’t! The reason is quite simple htat some things are based on the expereince of those who are specialist in a particular field, be it; driving a car, medecine or religous and spiritual matters. Thus when a Shaykh (ra) said that which he did about tears being a sign of acceptance for duas, this was based on his experience and of those pious servents of Allah whom he had spent his life with (SHaykh Ashraf ali Thanvi r.a).

    And Allah knows best.


    talib al ilm

  2. The Shardul of Allah Says:

    What is your proof that that our tears are the proof of our acceptance of our dua to Allah? Is there any authentic hadith of the Messenger of Allah (May Allah’s Peace and Greetings be upon him) or a verse from the Quran to support this point?

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