Love and Desires

He who loves does not think about his own life; to love truly, a man must forget about himself, be he ascetic or libertine. If your desires do not accord with your spirit, sacrifice them, and you will come to the end of your journey. If the body of desire obstructs the way, reject it; then fix your eyes in front and contemplate.

– Hazrat Farid-ud-Din ATTÂR (RA)

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One Comment on “Love and Desires”

  1. sayyid farooq ali hassani Says:

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    Respaected Maulana Shaykh Nabeel sahib [db] (may Allah preserve you. Ameen),

    This ajiz has a humble request that you please update this website by clearly writing “Shaykh Nabeel Khan” and not just “Nabeel Khan”.

    It is your tawaadhu and humilty which does not allow you to type this with your own hands but my dear friend and respect Maulana you are an Alim and a KHALIFA (Majaz-e-bait) of Hazrat Shaykh Shah Hakeem Muhammmad Akhtar sahib (db). This ijazah is so that people may benefit from you and gain islahi reformation and learn dhikr of Allah so that the faiz of the Tareeqah spreads far and wide.

    Our teachers have always done their own nafi (negation) so as to ward off even a hint a ujub or takkabbur but we have heard from our Akabir (and we too hold the same opinion) that in this day and age of Dajl (deception) where many are purporting to be Shaykhs when in reality they are but fraudsters and charlatans it is important to “Clearly label Haq as Haq”.

    I pray finally that Allah spreads your barakaat and fuyoozat far and wide and allow people to benefit from your company, Taleemat, malfoozat and tawajjuhaat. Ameen.

    May Allah forgive me for writing to you in this way and the boldness of my words and if there is any riya or ujub in this I seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness ernestly! Astaghfirullaha Rabbi min kulli dhanbin wa atoobu ila’y.

    faqeer sayyid farooq ali hassani

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