Six Points

Hakeem-ul-Ummah Hazrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) has written some very useful advice that is easy to achieve as well in his book Jazaa’-ul-A’amal, very useful advice for us and very easy to accomplish. He states, “These six deeds are not very difficult to do, and Insha Allah by practicing upon them, the doors of all other  ‘Ibaadah (worship) will open up”.

1. Acquiring Deeni Knowledge: Both by reading books and learning directly from a scholar is the means to acquiring Deeni knowledge.  Even if one is reading books, it is important to visit a scholar to clarify  one’s understanding and rulings of Islam.

2. Company of the Pious: The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) said, “Among my Ummah, one part will be (steadfast) on the righteous path and will be supported by Allah Taala. Those who will oppose them, will not be able to harm them.” Through this hadith we come to know that always in this world, the righteous people will be present. One will be able to see with one’s own eyes the benefit of the company of the pious.

3. Salat: Salat should be performed in Jama’ah. If that is not possible for any valid (Shari’ah permitted) reason, still carry on praying five times a day. It is through salah that a relationship with Allah will be established. Allah has stated, “Surely Salah restrains from shamelessness and evil. And indeed remembrance of Allah is thegreatest (thing).” We must always keep this verse in mind and become highly motivated

4. Talk Less and Mix less with people: Whatever you may want to say, think and utter. Talking less is a means to save one from several troubles.

5. Muhasabah and Muraqabah: Most of the time think that I am in front of my Lord. He is observing me (no doubt). He is aware of my every word, deed, and situation. This is Muraqaba (meditation). For muhasabah, fix a time, for instance it may be when going to sleep, recall and remember the deeds accomplished throughout the day.

6. Tawbah and Istighfar: Whenever a wrong takes place, repent; don’t delay. Don’t wait for a time to come for making tawbah. Instantly prostrate, i.e. go to sajdah/sujood in solitude and cry or at least pretend to cry and seek Allah’s forgiveness.

These six actions are not at all very difficult to achieve, and insha Allah by practicing them regularly, the door of all other  ‘ibada (worship) open up.

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One Comment on “Six Points”

  1. dean Says:

    All the above six points are good, the important is to learn tawheed and learn and ur sheikh will tell u when to read books by ur self and the most important thing to learn how to protect ur belief.So learn all the blasphemy specially kufr by action, kufr in belief and Kufr on saying.

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