Dua’ 1


We make Dua to You, O Master of the Universe, through the benevolence of the past four Friday bayans on Jazb (attraction) and of those whom You have made Jazb to Yourself, please make Jazb of (Shaikh) Akhtar (DB), Shaikh Mazhar, my son-in-law Mas’ood Manzar, all the children of my household. Make Jazb of the entire world. The ocean of Your Mercy is Infinite, therefore, whoever among us is suffering from any spiritual illness, through Your infinite Mercy cure them. I am firstly begging for spiritual health before physical health, because physical health compared to spiritual health is very petty. One who has some physical illness is in the Shadow of Allah Ta’ala’s mercy while one suffering from spiritual sickness, is in the Shadow of Allah
Ta’ala’s Wrath and Anger.

O Allah Ta’ala! Whoever amongst us in suffering from the cancer of sin, be it lewd glances, getting involved with young boys, sporting with women, telling lies, watching television, videos, movies and all other forms of sin which are the means of inviting Your wrath and displeasure, please protect us and the members of our households. Give men the Tawfeeq to grow beards. Let those with long mustaches be given the Tawfeeq to trim them. Let those who wear their trousers below their ankles be given the Tawfeeq to raise their trousers and expose their ankles. O Allah Ta’ala! All these are the actions of Your Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Give us all the Tawfeeq of pleasing our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), of making Taubah of all our Haraam (unlawful) pleasures. O Allah Ta’ala, make us all Jazb and cure us all of both spiritual and physical illnesses.

O Allah Ta’ala! Grant me a cure from the sickness of diabetes that I suffer from. O Allah Ta’ala, grant all of us that pain of Your Love that You have placed within the bosoms of Your Auliya. Grant us all the Nisbat of the Auiliya-e-Siddiqeen, which is the ultimate level, after which Prophethood begins. Make us inwardly and outwardly in keeping with Your pleasure. Grant us steadfastness on Your pleasure. O Allah Ta’ala, grant us life with the safety and protection of Imaan (faith), safety and
protection of limbs and raise us from this world with safety and protection of Imaan. Grant us peace, ease and comfort in both the worlds, save us from the smallest forms of trial, tribulation and difficulty. O Allah Ta’ala! Grant us life with peace, health and safety in Your love and let us die with peace, health and safety in Your love and let us die with
peace, health and safety among Your lovers.

Let each of us ponder over all our permissible needs and requirements. O Allah Ta’ala, You fulfill all the permissible needs and
requirements of our hearts. Fulfill the debts of those who are indebted. Those whose daughters are unmarried, grant them good partners. Those who are married and whose husbands are cruel, make them soft and kind. Make disobedient children obedient to their parents. If parents go to extremes and express excessive anger, make them kind and merciful to their children. O Allah Ta’ala! You are the Master of both the worlds, O Master of both the worlds, I beg You for myself, for all my friends and
acquaintances and for the Muslims of the entire world peace, health and safety in both the worlds.

— Manifestations of Allah’s Attraction pg. 125-126

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3 Comments on “Dua’ 1”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Assalamualiakum Moulana Nabeel saheb do u have a personal email address

  2. A Says:

    Beautiful dua hadhrat, jazakAllah khayran for sharing this

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