Here and the Hereafter

Allah states in the Quran, “Nay, but you prefer the life of this world, while the hereafter is better and more enduring.” (87/16-17)

It is a unique feature of the Quran that the shortest of verses despite being few in words have extreme depth in their meaning.  The smallest verse is sufficient for the guidance of man throughout his life.  We are told in the two short verses mentioned above that although man we humans prefer this temporary life, the life of the hereafter is far better and permanent.

Allah points out a flaw that is within man and this flaw that can ruin any aspect of man’s life.  Allah has eloquently stated the problem and has given us the solution to this problem.  All that was done in two short verses.  The basic flaw within man is the preference of this life in all aspects and affairs over the afterlife.  Man thinks in terms of the confined sphere of this life.  He is constantly concerned with the improvement, success, and happiness of this life despite the fact that this life will terminate soon.

Man should think this over for a while that his thoughts are bound within this world.  He hopes to have a wonderful house, great wealth, prestige, honor, and status.  He does not distinguish between that which is lawful and unlawful in pursuit of his worldly aspirations.  He fights, and kills over these things, without the least bit of consideration as to just how long this life will last.  He has no notion of how greater the next life would be compared to this life and how longer lasting it will be.

Allah has said that the life of the hereafter is better which means it is the best and it is perfect.  Everything associated to the afterlife is also perfect.  Its luxuries, blessings, and happiness are perfect and eternal.  They will never come to an end.  Whatever is received will be with him forever.

If someone were given something to eat in this world, they would eat until there was no room left in their stomach.  Once they are full, they will not be able to eat that food any further even if they were offered a prize or reward to do so.  The food will become detestable to that person.  This is as a result of his stomach being full.  However, such a problem does not exist in the hereafter.  The desire to eat will be perfect and everlasting.  Neither the food will end, nor will one become completely satiated such that they are not able to eat any further.

The cause for this flaw of man is the utter disregard for and the negligent attitude towards death.  We assume that we are here to live forever.  No one has ever claimed to live eternally.  The staunchest of atheists attest to the certainty of death.  All religions and philosophies differ with regards to many things, however death is seen as an undeniable reality to all.  It is unanimously accepted that no one knows when exactly their time and place of death.

We have extensive preparations for an ordinary trip, however for the final journey, which we know will surely be undertaken and from which there is no return, we do not think about and plan ahead.  We think how things will function in our absence.  We think about the wellbeing of our families and jobs.  We attend so many funerals and lower our acquaintances and loved ones into their graves and somehow are unmindful of the fact that we too will have the same done unto us.  The remembrance of death is vital for the compass of our lives to point in the correct direction.

We know from incidents of our pious predecessors what attitude to adopt in regards to the hereafter.  When the hereafter is firmly rooted in our minds, then our hands will not stretch to commit wrong.  Our thoughts will in line with Allah’s pleasure.  Our actions will be those that earn the pleasure of Allah.  Our lives will be according to the sunnah of His beloved messenger (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam).  We will live a good life.  Many people live to eat, and they eat for enjoyment.  Muslims eat to live, and they live for Allah.  We will live here, but we will be earning for the hereafter.

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  2. jazaakAllahu khaira for the beautiful reminder sir. may Allah elevate your ranks in both worlds….aameen

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