An Easy Prescription for Reformation

*With a little bit of focus and willpower, there is great hope for success*

Compiled by:

Hazrat Muhyi-us-Sunnah Mawlana Abrar-ul-Haq Sahib (RA)

And thereafter, this lowly servant would like to express that a portion of the book Jaza-ul-A’maal of Hazrat Hakeem-ul-Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) was read to the public.  Many people benefited from the topics therein.  For this reason, I desired that it be presented in the service of my brothers and elders.  With that in mind, hereunder two parts of it are being reproduced as is.

Section 1: Such acts of obedience, which are hoped to lead to the establishment of other acts of obedience

  • Acquisition of the Sacred Knowledge through Righteous Company:

Regardless of whether it is done through learning from books or through the company of scholars.  Even if one learns through books, it will still be necessary to gain the company of scholars to correctly understand the books.  By scholars we mean those scholars that practice upon their knowledge, and they are exemplars of both the spirit and letter of the law. To be able to be in the company and service of such noble people for any amount of time is to be considered as great bounty.  If it is not possible to benefit from such people daily, then at least make it a point to be with them for at least half an hour weekly.  The immense benefit of this will soon become self-evident.

  • The Five Daily Prayers:

In whichever way possible, the five daily prayers should be offered punctually, and as far as possible, one should endeavor to offer them in congregation, otherwise in case of some dire circumstance, they should be offered in any manner possible, which is itself a great blessing, but they should never be missed.  Offering the five daily prayers keeps a connection and a link between a person and the court of Allah.  By the blessing of prayer, Insha Allah, the condition of a person will remain rectified; “Indeed prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and vice.” (29/45)

  • Speaking Less and Socializing Less:

To think before speaking is the greatest means of safeguarding one’s self from a thousand calamities.

  • Introspection (Muraqabah) and Self-Examination (Muhasabah):

Constantly thinking that I am in the presence of my Master, my Lord.  He is well aware of all of my actions, sayings, and conditions.  This was introspection.  Self-examination is to, for example prior to sleeping, in solitude, examine all that has transpired throughout the day.  Thereafter visualize that I am being held accountable for everything and I have nothing to say for myself in defense.

  • Repentance (Tawbah) and Seeking Forgiveness (Istighfar):

Whenever any oversight occurs, then without any delay, without waiting for a particular time, place, or thing, to immediately go in seclusion, fall into prostration, cry, and proclaim one’s repentance and beg for Allah’s forgiveness.  If one cannot cry, then pretend to cry.

These five things in brief are (1) acquiring sacred knowledge through the company of pious scholars, (2) the five daily prayers, (3) speaking and socializing less, (4) muraqabah and muhasabah, and (5) tawbah and istighfar.  Insha Allah, by punctually observing these five things, which is not difficult at all, the doorway to all other acts of obedience shall be opened.

Section 2: Such of defiance which if refrained from, by the grace of Allah, salvation shall soon be achieved from all other acts of disobedience

  • Backbiting:

So many types of worldly and otherworldly problems come about due to this evil.  A simple method of protecting one’s self from this disease is to not speak about nor listen to anything about others unless out of a sever necessity, neither good nor bad.  Remain occupied in one’s own business and affairs.  If there is a need to speak, speak about one’s self.  Are our affairs so light that we have time to speak of others?!

  • Oppression (Physical, verbal, and/or financial):

For example, if one has violated the right of another, be it significant or insignificant.  One may has caused some inconvenience to another.  One may have tainted the reputation or honor of another.

  • Arrogance:

To consider one’s self to be superior to others and others inferior.  All other spiritual maladies stem from this one, such as oppression, backbiting, malice, jealousy, rage, etc.

  • Rage:

One can never recall a moment that one was in rage and did not regret it afterwards.  This is because rage overpowers one’s intellect.  Therefore, anything done in rage will ultimately be unintelligent.  That thing, which one was not meant to say, will be said, and that which one was not meant to do, will be done.  After one’s rage cools down, there will be nothing one can say or do to make up for whatever transpired during that fit of rage.  The guilt of this will forever remain with a person.

  • Inappropriate liaisons with members of the opposite gender or members of the same gender:

To inappropriately look at, speak to, sit with, dress or speak to impress, members of the opposite gender or the same gender.  I honestly say that the wrongs and evils, which come about due to this are beyond explanation.  Insha Allah, perhaps in another booklet, I may write about this in detail at a later time.

  • Consumption of doubtful or unlawful items:

All spiritual dirt and darkness is a result of unlawful and doubtful consumption.  This is because that which one consumes does not remain limited to one’s digestive system, but rather it spreads all throughout the body.  Therefore, the nature of one’s consumption will determine the nature of the actions executed by one’s limbs.

These are six sins that if they are discarded, then to leave all other sins will become extremely easy, Insha Allah, rather it is hoped that they will automatically leave.

I pray that Allah grants us all tawfeeq.  Aameen.

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2 Comments on “An Easy Prescription for Reformation”

  1. Abdullah Says:

    I find it difficult to believe that an all powerful god would have to sacrifice his son…how could god have a son…to forgive his creation
    Also Shaykh Nabeel, I would remove this comment that leads to kufr

    • Nabeel Khan Says:

      Jazakallahu khayran for letting me know of the shirk that was posted. It was completely accidental as I for sure did not read the entire comment and approved it. Your naseehat is most appreciated.

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