Ramadhan Advice: Strong Will and Contiuous Habit


Hazrat Thanwi (rahimahullah) said: “I have seen train conductors fasting in the intensely hot summer months, who always remain in close proximity to the steam engine which on their own generate a lot of heat. Similarly we have seen many farmers fasting who work on the fields reaping the crops under the intense heat of the sun.

From observing them it is understood that habituating oneself to something and firm determination, when combined toegther, make the most difficult tasks easy.

And if a person takes some help from sincere faith and turning to Allah Ta`ala, then we have observed that he will be granted Divine ability and assistance from Allah Ta`ala.

If a person in spite of this does not make an effort and still makes excuses, then this is truly very great deprivation.” 

(Islaah-e-Inqilaab-e-Ummat; pg. 128)

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One Comment on “Ramadhan Advice: Strong Will and Contiuous Habit”

  1. Khalid Says:

    Masha Allah, May Allah keep on increasing Hadhrat in proximity to him & Rasulullah sualallahu alaihe wasallam, on our behalf.

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