Don’t Lose Hope

Any person can very quickly become a friend of Allah and thereby remember Allah with some contentment of heart.  However, the moment a person begins to remember Allah, shaytan immediately reaches that individual and whispers ideas of dissuasion into that person.  Shaytan dissuades the person with threats of problems, worries, and fear of what the future may or may not hold.  He troubles people with thoughts of their past, present and future sins as if he is saying, “You have committed such major sins, with what face will you present yourself in front of Allah?  How can you even hope to become a friend of Allah?”

The purpose of shaytan is to make one lose hope.  Shaytan attacks those who want to befriend Allah using various tactics.  Firstly, he causes people to focus on their past sins.  He whispers, “Your past is very dark and bleak.  How can you even begin to imagine finding the road to Allah when your path is covered with disobedience and the dark clouds of sin hover over your head?  Therefore, the first step in battling shaytan is to rid one’s self of despair and hope for the mercy of Allah.

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One Comment on “Don’t Lose Hope”

  1. Muhammad Says:

    Jazakallah Khair. Very profound message that I find is really pertinent to myself.

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