A Small In Quantity But Necessary Act Can Be Sufficient For Salvation

It is important to mention that a small action that we consider insignificant can be sufficient for our salvation.  At times our nafs does not feel like performing tremendous acts of devotion and as a result pushes us to leave out the small actions, and sometimes we do not even get to the point of beginning these small acts as well.  Consider the example of someone who out of fear performing seventeen rak’ats of ‘Isha does not even perform the four fardh rak’ats of ‘Isha.  They say, “Man, who has the time and energy to perfom seventeen rak’ats?”  However, this person has the time and energy to exert in sports without even looking at his watch to see how much time has gone by.  In prayer, time stands still but in other pursuits time flies.  They find immense enjoyment in their sports but prayer is extremely heavy upon them.  But in reality, prayer really is heavy as Allah states in Surah Al-Baqarah, “And indeed it is heavy except upon the completely devoted” (2:45).  By consistently doing the required essential act, Allah will grant us the tawfeeq to perform the optional acts in greater quantity and with higher quality.  There is no need to feel down for not being able to do the lengthy extra acts provided one is able to regularly perform the fardh, wajib, and sunnah mu’akkadah acts.

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