Update: Hazratwala’s (DB) Health

Update regarding Hazratwala’s (DB) health: 1145pm: Alhamdulillah, his health is better than before. Pulse and other vitals are close to normal. Doctors are still working and monitoring. Keep praying for complete health and recovery.

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One Comment on “Update: Hazratwala’s (DB) Health”

  1. Khalid Omar Omar Says:

    Assalam Alaikum.
    Hazratwala’s illness was indeed a matter of great worry. Alhamdlillah, his health is now reported to be improving. I am praying for his full and durable recovery from illness , and continuation of his Mowaez o Irshadat Majalis for the Hidayah of Ummah for long time.
    Khalid Omar

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